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Cosplay Competition

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1. Participant Categories: The competition is open to all age groups but the competition will only proceed on conditions the number of participants is 10 or more.

2. Character Selection: Participants can cosplay as characters from any fandom, including anime, movies, video games, TV shows, comics, etc. The theme of the Cosplay competition.  is Merdeka.

3. Original Designs: Original character designs are also allowed, encouraging creativity and imagination.

4. Registration: Participants must pre-register online with their name, age and character they are cosplaying.

Register at: http://datcc.net/reg

5. Costume Authenticity: Costumes should closely resemble the original characters in terms of appearance, clothing, and accessories.

6. Weapons and Props: Any props or weapons must adhere to the event’s safety guidelines. No real weapons are allowed.

7. Presentation: Each participant will have a brief on-stage presentation (around 1-2 minutes) to showcase their costume and act in character if desired.

8. Judging Criteria: Judges will evaluate based on costume craftsmanship, accuracy, creativity, and stage presence.

9. No Offensive Content: Costumes and performances should be respectful and free from offensive or inappropriate content.

10. Family-Friendly: Keep in mind that the event is family-oriented, so costumes and behavior should be suitable for all ages.

11. Parental Consent: Participants under a certain age may require parental consent to participate.

12. Prizes: 3 hampers will be be awarded in different categories such as Best Costume, Best Craftsmanship, and Most Creative.

       13. Participants are required to be on stage for a Merdeka cheer before prize giving.

14. Judges’ Decisions: Judges’ decisions are final and cannot be contested.


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